We are a full service creative studio that offers playful ideas, design, logos, production, images, characters and illustration…

Imagine what an image can do to your image. We want our work to make people smile, just as much as we do when we create. Weather it is your company profile, product designs, Illustrations or a label, we always do it with children in mind and for the child in you.

We think about your figure. Many times a logo can be enhanced with a character and bring your brand to life, just as Energizer has its bunny. That’s why some of our deliveries are combinations of strategic market communications and playful design.

A picture tells a thousand words. A good story is what the audience usually want to experience and is what they remember. A coherent picture drawn to be applied to your brand or product or existing story is therefore a strong attribute.

Living a fantasy facing reality. It takes a wild imagination sometimes to do what we do. That is also the fun part of it. What you can and can not imagine we will help you picture. What you cant picture we will illustrate.

Toys R You. When you have a product that needs an illustration or perhaps need a character that should become a product, we would love to do it.

That ‘s ChildsPlay!



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To illustrate and design for children is our passion...

We do what we really love and what we have been preparing for: we design and illustrate. We have decided to specialize on products aimed at children, to create illustrations and design all kinds of products: books, packaging, comics, T-shirts, etc.

Our versatile production comprises from children short stories, covers, comics, educational books, multimedia presentations, to T-shirt designs, pets for events, and toys.

We cover every area of children and teenage illustration. With adequate technology, we solve illustrations of all kinds, stamping our distinctive mark of creativity in each one of our works.